Press release

MTTS 2014 Hits the Local Headlines Too

As MINI TAKES THE STATES 2014 has passed through towns and cities in America on its way from coast to coast, it’s not just national news headlines that the rally has attracted.

All along the 5,200-mile MTTS 2014 route through 18 states and 15 cities over the past 14 days, the several hundred MINIs have gained attention from onlookers, other motorists and residents. Several local newspapers have also reported on the epic rally as it has passed through their communities between San Francisco and Boston.

When over 300 MINIs passed through the small city of Alton, Illinois, local journalist Cory Davenport grabbed his camera and photographed the cars and interviewed drivers as they passed along East Broadway, the city’s main street. He later reported the event in the Alton Telegraph newspaper.

In Piggott, Arkansas, Tim Blair, News Manager of the Clay County Times Democrat, was ready to greet Motorers as they stopped for a rest break in the city’s Main Street.

“We have seen bicycle events and some car rallies passing through Piggott, but nothing as unique and well attended as MINI TAKES THE STATES,” he said. “The rally seems to have made a real impact in our community as it has passed through.”

He took the opportunity to tell MINI Motorers about several of the city’s attractions, including the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, where the famous author lived when he wrote “A Farewell to Arms.”