Press release

Bonnet messages go all the way back to Oxford

Participants in MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018 had a chance to send written messages of thanks and support back to the people in England who were responsible for producing their MINIs.

Among the more than one thousand vehicles that joined the Rally to the Rockies each day on the eastern and western routes were two special MINI Clubmans that had travelled to the USA all the way from Plant Oxford.

At each of the stopovers, as the epic rally passed through 15 cities and 14 US states, MINI motorers were invited to sign the bonnets (translation: hoods!) of the two MINIs and to include special messages for the workers in Oxford,

The bonnets are due to be shipped back to Plant Oxford at the conclusion of the event where they will be put on permanent display in the factory.

Two engineers from Plant Oxford - Stuart Miles and Darren Moore – drove one of the cars from the east coast to Colorado, while on the western route, Asha Hussain, Bob Kodger and Natalia Eltzsoares, who are based at the BMW Financial Services offices in Hilliard, Ohio, teamed up to drive the second car to Keystone.