Press release

MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018 in numbers

Nine days after departing the east and west coasts of America – from Portland, OR and from Orlando, FL – MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018 drew to a successful conclusion in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado this weekend.

As ever, the scale of this marathon cross-country drive produced statistics on an epic scale, none more so than the 3,600 people who took part in the Rally to the Rockies.

Here are more of those impressive statistics:

- 1,000+ MINIs on the road each day
- 5,030 miles driven (2 x 2,515 miles)
- 15 cities visited
- 14 US states driven through


- 167,500 gallons of water drunk from non-plastic, reusable water bottles
- 45,000 complimentary Kind bars handed out
- 1,275 gallons of coffee drunk at MTTS events
- 97 Porta-potties utilized
- 22 ‘driving awards’ (speeding tickets!) acquired
- 2 truckloads of oil given to owners
- 1 Cooper VIP (Charlie, grandson of John Cooper)

And most importantly:
- 1,100,000 (and counting) meals provided for MINI USA’s charity partner, Feeding America, from funds raised by MINI motorers on the Rally to the Rockies