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Global Announcement of Next New Model, Expanding MINI Family - Will Come to US as Part of Largest New Model Line Renewal Ever – with More New Models to Come.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ,  June 12, 2024. A few months after the launch of the new MINI Cooper 2 Door, the MINI Cooper 4-door is now joining the new MINI family. The MINI Cooper 4-door is characterized by the brand's signature driving fun, with more space, and functionality. These attributes make the five-seater truly unique in its segment, added with its unique design - a combination of tradition and modern, purist styling - and innovative assistance systems.

With a length of 158.9 inches, a width of 68.66 inches and a height of 57.63 inches, the body dimensions are almost identical to those of its predecessor and underline the basic idea behind every MINI: To maximize creative use of space with a minimal footprint.

In the case of the MINI Cooper 4-door, this means an interior that offers enough space for five passengers. Compared to the new MINI Cooper 2 Door, the wheelbase is 2.83 inches longer and the body 6.77 inches longer. All of which offers increased comfort and space. Short overhangs, clean surfaces and expressive accents also give the new MINI Cooper 4-door its unmistakable charisma. Inside, digital innovations and an immersive user experience take the MINI DNA to a new level.
The larger body version of the purist MINI Cooper also delivers the brand's hallmark driving fun and agile handling. There is a choice of two efficient petrol engines which, combined with the modern chassis and precise steering, deliver the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling.

Globally, the three-cylinder petrol engine of the MINI Cooper C 4-door generates 115 kW/156 hp and 230 Nm (170 lb/ft) of torque. This enables the vehicle to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 225 km/h (134 mph). Additionally, the MINI Cooper S 4-door is powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine with 150 kW/204 hp with a maximum torque of 300 Nm (221 lb/ft). It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.8 seconds and has a top speed of 242 km/h (150 mph).

In the US market, the MINI Cooper S 4-door will come with a 201 SAE hp 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine producing 221 lb-ft of torque, putting power down through the front wheels via a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission.  The MINI Cooper C 4-door expected to arrive in the US early next year will also receive a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with US horsepower, torque, and efficiency figures to be available closer to market launch. 

Production of the new 2025 MINI Cooper S 4-door for the US market begins July of 2024 with models expected to arrive at dealers early September.  The Cooper S 4-door will have a US base MSRP of $33,200 plus $995 Destination and Handling.  For the 2025 MINI Cooper 4-door, US market production of vehicles will begin November 2024 with first models to arrive at dealers early January 2025.  Pricing and product details will be available closer to market launch.

The New MINI Design Style.
The new MINI Cooper 4-door is characterized by "Charismatic Simplicity".

The design language of the current MINI family presents the traditional values of the brand with a simple and striking clarity. The authentic design language of the new models combines advanced technology with MINI’s principles of vehicle design and brand origins.
The exterior.
Short overhangs, a small bonnet, a long wheelbase, and large wheels - the proportions of the MINI Cooper 4-door reflect its unique character. Thanks to its compact silhouette, the model is easy and comfortable to maneuver even in tight spaces, while still offering plenty of room for all passengers.  The new MINI Cooper 4-door is instantly and authentically recognizable as a MINI, with three elements that include a clearly designed body, a wraparound window area and a stepped roof.

The minimalist design of the front end features the iconic MINI round headlights. Together with the octagonal front grille, they form the distinctive MINI face. Standard LED headlights with individually adjustable daytime running light elements enhance the striking appearance. The light signatures are available in three versions to emphasize the character of the vehicle. The MINI Cooper interacts with the driver using a specially orchestrated welcome and goodbye animation before and after the journey.

Modern and simplified body design for a striking look.
The new MINI aesthetic continues at the rear with clear surfaces and flush-fitting taillights. The vertically aligned LED clusters are reminiscent of the classic MINI lights and, like the headlights, can be switched to different animated settings.

The flush-mounted design and shape of the rear lights lends a modern and purist look to the car’s rear sculpture. It is subdivided by a striking black handle strip with distinctive model lettering. Its horizontal alignment emphasizes the new MINI Cooper 4-door’s broad stance.
Unique appearance choices and individual equipment options.
The new MINI Cooper S 4-door is available in the US with 10 color choices.  For the roof, customers can choose from body color, black, white or a blue multi-tone roof with a gradual color gradient based on trims and styles chosen. The different color tones highlight different features of the car and showcase the new MINI design language in a variety of ways.

US customers can personalize their car with three different styling packages – Classic, Favoured and JCW styles. Starting with the Classic Style, the roof is available in body color, black or white.  The contrast with the body color gives the MINI Cooper a particularly expressive look.
In the Favoured Style version, the front radiator grille frame and certain design elements are finished in Vibrant Silver, further enhancing the individuality of the MINI Cooper.  A unique offering to the Favoured Style, a blue Multitone roof is available with a color gradient blending Glazed White with Indigo Sunset Blue and San Marino Blue.

The JCW Style emphasizes the sporty side of the MINI Cooper 4-door. Exclusive design features include the JCW Aero Kit with striking front and rear diffusers, high gloss black wheel spats, a set of gloss black brake calipers with JCW logos, a unique radiator grille surround and high-gloss black JCW logos. A JCW interior, and roof spoiler add to the sporty appearance and allude to MINI's motorsport heritage.

The interior.
The interior of the new MINI Cooper 4-door also features the brand's typical combination of new elements, technical innovations, and references to the brand's history.

The new MINI Cooper 4-door combines charismatic MINI design with an extra portion of functionality. In the rear, the noticeably wider interior provides comfortable space for three passengers. The 60:40 folding rear seats increase the luggage compartment capacity from 9.71 cubic feet to up to 32.66 cubic feet.

Minimalist and immersive.
The design of the front end of the new MINI Cooper 4-door is reduced to the essentials and is reminiscent of the purist design of the classic Mini. Legendary inventor Alec Issigonis designed an interior for the first model with a round instrument in the center and the characteristic toggle bar with switches below. These two elements also structure the cockpit in the MINI Cooper 4-door.

The minimalist design of the interior makes do with fewer components, which are cleverly designed and manufactured to a high standard. Behind the steering wheel, the standard head-up display ensures that all relevant content appears in the driver's field of vision. As a result, the dashboard on the driver’s side does not require an additional instrument panel, so it opens the view to the front.

Innovative materials characterize the welcoming atmosphere in the interior of the MINI Cooper. A specially developed knitting process is used to create the striking design of two color textile surfaces made of recycled polyester. The textile surfaces extend across the curved dashboard and into the door panels. The air vents feature an especially flat design. The horizontal arrangement of the air vents ensures an even flow of air in the cockpit with easy adjustability.

The generous space in the front seats and the clean lines give the cockpit a modern and airy look. Thanks to the panoramic glass roof, the interior is particularly bright. Classic Style equipped vehicles feature comfortable and supportive sport seats while the Favoured Style and JCW Style equipped vehicles feature unique JCW Sport Seats with higher side bolstering and integrated headrests. Three passengers can sit comfortably in the rear.

High-resolution OLED display revolutionizes user experience.
Like the round instrument of the outgoing model, the iconic center screen with its versatile functions is the visual focal point of the interior. The industry first center mounted OLED display in the redesigned cockpit is within easy reach of the driver with a high resolution that sets a new standard. Thanks to the MINI Operating System 9, all vehicle functions can be controlled intuitively by touch or voice. The slim 9.4-inch diameter touch display has a high-quality glass edge and features an operating logic similar to that of the latest generation of smartphones.

The graphical presentation of content focuses on the essentials. Vehicle-related information is displayed at the top. The lower part of the OLED display provides direct access to navigation, media, phone and climate control menus. The home button allows for easy returns the display to the main screen.

The MINI Experience Modes.
The seven MINI Experience Modes including the new Personal Mode can be selected according to personal preference and help to characterize the atmosphere in the interior.

Using the MINI Projector on the rear of the OLED display, they transform the dashboard into matching worlds of colors and patterns. The interplay of projection, ambient lighting and the MINI Interaction Unit creates a unique, immersive experience that extends into the door trim. This opens new possibilities for individualization.

In Personal Mode, for example, a personalized image can be selected as the display background via the MINI App. The dominant colors of the picture are then applied to the dashboard's textile surfaces using a digital color picker. The ambient lighting under the dashboard and in the door mirror is also color-coded to match these projections.
Each mode has its own customized backgrounds. In Go-kart mode, for example, the display and interior are dominated by the John Cooper Works signature charcoal grey and red.

The new design of the MINI toggle bar.
Just like the iconic center console, the toggle bar with its switches is as legendary as the MINI itself - and yet it has been carefully updated time and again. In the latest version, the parking brake, gear selector, start/stop button, Experience Mode, and volume control are all at your fingertips. The practical benefit is the removal of the gear selector has freed up more space in the center console, which now features a large open storage compartment in addition to cup holders. Smartphones can be charged in the wireless charging area at the front of the console keeping them fully charged and ready to go.

Newly designed interior trims.
The new color and material concept for the MINI Cooper 4-door is deliberately minimalist. High-quality, environmentally friendly materials are used, such as the knitted recycled polyester surfaces on the dashboard and door trim.
Classic, Favoured, and JCW Styles feature a three-spoke steering wheel with a textile band at the six o'clock position. A 2D knitted fabric in grey and black on the dashboard and doors contrasts with the Vescin leather-free seats in Classic Style. For Favoured, a two-tone houndstooth pattern on the knitted dashboard is particularly expressive. The perforated Vescin sports seats are available in two colors with traditional accent stitching. JCW Trim is a sporty interpretation of the new material concept. Combined with multi-colored knitted fabric and black imitation leather with red stitching, the color scheme echoes that of the dashboard and door trims.

Digital services.
"Hey MINI" - the new MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant.

In the new MINI Cooper, numerous functions can be controlled using the brand’s first fully integrated voice assistant. The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated with the greeting “Hey MINI” or by using the push-to-talk steering wheel button. Voice-controlled interaction takes place on the circular OLED display in the form of an animation of graphic elements, typography, and an avatar. Users can choose between the visualization of "MINI" - a stylized representation of a MINI - and the virtual travel partner "Spike". The driver can easily control navigation, telephone, entertainment, and numerous vehicle functions by voice.

The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant continuously learns from repeated routes. Drawing on geo-based data, for example, the vehicle can learn to automatically open the window when entering a car park. This makes everyday life much more convenient.
The new MINI Operating System 9.

The MINI user interface combines functional and emotional elements. The design is reduced, creating a very modern look based on new graphics. Static and dynamic elements blend naturally into the circular shape of the center MINI display, following a clear structure. Micro animations reinforce the intuitive interaction between the driver and the central instrument, thereby underlining the digital character of the new MINI family.

The MINI Operating System 9 is an in-house development of the BMW Group. Operation is intuitive and follows standards that are familiar from the consumer electronics sector. The home menu is located in the center of the screen. The status bar with the menu items Navigation, Media, Telephone, All Apps and (depending on the situation) Home is located at the bottom of the screen. Favorite functions such as navigation destinations or radio stations can be stored in the tool belt for quick access. The upper part of the screen is reserved for driving-related content, such as speed and important vehicle status information. The optional head-up display presents the most important information in the driver’s line of sight.

In conjunction with the MINI Connected Package, the full MINI Navigation Package supports the driver during the journey with realistic 3D visualization of turn situations, a display of the current traffic situation even when the route guidance system is not activated, information on parking facilities including digital payment options and much more.

New driver assistance systems make day-to-day life easier.
The new Parking Assistant Plus makes the parking process even easier. Thanks to 12 ultrasonic sensors and four surround-view cameras, the vehicle can identify possible parking spaces more clearly and can even independently initiate space-restricted parking maneuvers.
With MINI Digital Key Plus, the smartphone becomes the key and opens the car automatically. The welcome projection of the front and rear lights begins as soon as the driver comes within 3 meters of the car; the doors are unlocked when the driver is at less than one and a half meters away from the car. The digital key is transferable to different users, thereby facilitating car sharing making it is no longer necessary to hand over a conventional vehicle key to the other person.

Comfortable and sporty mobility.
The track width and wheelbase are generous for this vehicle segment and provide the basis for the hallmark MINI dynamic performance. The MINI Cooper 4-door features a suspension and damping system tuned for spirited handling. This ensures a high level of everyday driving comfort, combined with the precise steering feel typical of MINI and the powerful brakes.
Highly preloaded anti-roll bar mounts on the axles ensure balanced body handling during dynamic cornering. They also ensure steering precision and accuracy. The result is excellent body support combined with smooth rolling comfort. 

Hallmark MINI steering and powerful brakes ensure a high level of driving fun, safety, and comfort. Compact dimensions, short overhangs, and a small turning circle of 37.4 feet make the MINI Cooper 4-door a versatile model for the city.

Selective tuning of the steering and all stability control systems ensures an exceptional experience in all driving situations. An adaptive suspension with frequency-selective damping system is available for particularly sporty driving. The increased tire diameter of 625 mm gives the MINI Cooper 4-door a greater visual presence. At the same time, driving dynamics and ride comfort are improved. In addition, the tire width of the optionally available 17-inch and 18-inch rims is increased to 8.46 inches in order to emphasize the typical MINI go-kart feeling.

About MINI in the US
MINI is an independent brand of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a business unit of BMW of North America, LLC, located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and includes the marketing and sales organizations for the MINI brand. The authorized MINI USA dealer organization is represented by a network of 104 MINI full passenger car sales and service dealers located throughout the US.  MINI USA began selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2002 with the introduction of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops. Since then, the MINI Brand in the U.S. has grown to encompass a model range of five unique vehicles.

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