Press release


The many highly creative customization projects seen on MINI TAKES THE STATES aren't just restricted to the vehicles.

As the rally passed through Hastings, Nebraska, Denise Mueller, from California, showed off her amazing color-coordinated nail polish that matched perfectly with her bright red MINI Convertible, called Diabolita.

Denise is using her highly visual presence at MTTS to attract attention to her efforts to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation's Million Dollar Challenge 2012, which aims to support people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.

Denise, who is taking part in MTTS with her 12-year old son Daniel Boever, drove the 1,727 miles from the West Coast to Des Moines, Iowa, to join the rally, arriving just 20 minutes ahead of the start of the evening party at Blank Park Zoo in the city.