Press release


By Erin 'Gigglechick' Bennett

We arrived in Denver on Friday and all the routes converged upon each other! FINALLY! Electricity filled the room as hundreds of owners filed in and huge photos flashed upon the screens that surrounded us on the walls!

My East Coast Blogging counterpart, Tamara with me at the Denver MINI Party!

vince & paul at the MINI party in denver

the group we've been with since L.A.

Patrick with a Brit monkey on his head - didn't get the backstory on it... I think that it'd be better just to come up with our own story about the monkey!

These are the MINI Chix from the Denver area --- Megan in pink and her mom, Patricia. I asked Megan what kind of MINI she drove and she informed me she has both a classic and a new model.

Elizabeth and Sekou are very impressed by Nancy's BULLDOG pin (My focusing skills were a little off with this one. It DOES read Bulldog.)

MINI Owners & the Countryman grooving at the MINI Party

The crowd was electric!

While this party was absolutely fantastic, there's that little wistful pang in the back of my head that knows that we have to head back to reality soon...

BUT, not before heading to Red Rocks and then hanging at the music festival on Saturday!!!