Press release


By Erin 'Gigglechick' Bennett

Friday the Thirteenth wouldn't seem like a popular day to get hitched... but when you are lucky enough to have met at the 2006 MINI Takes The States, this day filled with superstition didn't stand a chance.

As fate would have it, the day before MTTS that year, Kat quit her job THE DAY BEFORE in order to make the trek from Los Angeles to New York and back (That's 10,000 miles!)

Kat and Brent met at a MINI cross event at the first MTTS and have been together ever since...

They have spent the past week "Pre-Mooning" with the Western Route of MTTS rather than Honeymooning since they both are heading back to work on Monday...

With 20 guests of their own and several THOUSAND of their MTTS brethren (oh, by the way, did I mention the wedding was a total surprise? Not for the Bride & Groom and their 20 friends, of course, but for the entire group of MINI Takes The States participants!!)

"Is there a Minister in the house?!" --- "I'm a Minister!"

The all-important Key Fob exchange...

"I now pronounce you Pilot and Co-Pilot"

Some celebratory champagne for a toast!

Let them eat (WEDDING!) Cake...

We wish them the best of luck and a hearty congratulations on their marriage!!!