Press release

The Phenomenon Grows as MTTS 2014 Heads East

As MINI TAKES THE STATES reached the city of Buffalo, New York, the rally attracted its largest turnout of Motorers since the coast-to-coast rally left San Francisco, California, for Boston, Massachusetts.
Almost 600 MINIs and 1,300 Motorers gathered at Riverworks, an industrial area currently under renovation alongside the Buffalo River, at a party hosted by the local dealer, Towne MINI. A large group of Buffalo-based Motorers, most of who drove from the dealership to the Riverworks in a huge convoy, escorted through the city by officers from the Buffalo Police Department, joined the British-themed party.
Earlier, the rally left Voinovich Bicentennial Park in Cleveland, Ohio, for the 388-mile drive via Pittsburgh as the rally entered its final stages.

The penultimate leg of MTTS 2014 takes the Motorers on a 319-mile route through New York’s wine country to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.