Press release


For the 900+ motorers who are driving the entire route of MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016 from Atlanta, GA, to Palm Springs, CA, the successful completion of the 4,400-mile cross-country rally is only part of the challenge.

One of the most keenly followed traditions of an ‘all the way’ drive is the successful collection of a full set of the button badges that are distributed to all participants at each of the 15 city stops on the route across the USA, which are worn as proof of their epic drive across the States.

Those motorers who have registered to drive from Georgia to California are also given a special orange lanyard and many use it as a way to proudly display their growing collection of buttons as the epic rally passes through 19 US states from Georgia to California.

On day 11 of the epic motoring adventure, when MTTS 2016 rolled into Wyoming, they were presented with a button for the city of Cheyenne, the 12th of the 15-strong collection.