Press release


Woodcliff Lake, NJ,  July 19, 2016. As the tenth anniversary MINI TAKES THE STATES neared the end of its 4,400-mile journey through 15 cities and 19 US states, four-times MTTS stalwart Pat McKenna, of MINI USA, reflected on the growing success of the epic cross-country rally.

With around 650 MINIs and over 1,300 motorers gathering ahead of the 11th stage of MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016 in the city of Cheyenne, WY, he paid tribute to the enthusiasm, commitment and good natured spirit of the hundreds of people participating in the biggest-ever MTTS.

Pat, who is head of MINI Product Planning and After Sales, told that he had witnessed a ‘massive’ difference in the numbers joining MTTS 2016 compared with previous years. “There are more than 900 motorers going all the way to California this time compared with 450 in 2014 and 250 in 2012,” he said, “Add to that those who join us for part of the rally or even for just their home city, and you can see why we’re seeing record numbers this time.”

He said that the MINI USA organizing team was choosing to use larger venues in cities now, such as motor racing tracks or locations such as the Depot Plaza Railway Museum in Downtown Cheyenne, to accommodate the greater numbers, meaning MTTS makes an even bigger impact wherever it goes.

Even as the numbers rise, he said that a total lack of both ego and rivalry continued to be features of the MINI community on MTTS. “There really is a mutual admiration among motorers on MTTS and even with growing numbers, we still never see a MINI that is the same as another on the rally,” he added.

“I continue to be amazed by how appreciative the people are about everything we provide on MTTS. They are so good natured and we receive hardly any complaints, because they know we are trying our best throughout the event,” said Pat, who has taken part in three MTTS rallies in his five and half years working with MINI.

He noted that the profile of owners on MTTS continued to be made up of die-hard enthusiasts but remarked that there was also a growing number of people who are new to MINI taking part. “We have families on MTTS who own six or seven MINIs and then there are several motorers who have bought their first MINI specifically to join MTTS 2016,” he said, “The Countryman has also attracted many new customers who might have previously been unable to buy a MINI because they needed more size and four wheel drive…and consequently we’re seeing more of them on MTTS.”