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The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas has witnessed all kinds of marriage ceremonies since the 1950s, including those of the rich and famous, but it has probably never seen anything like the visit to the famous Vegas chapel of a huge crowd of motorers from MINI TAKES THE STATES 2016.

Thirty eight MINI enthusiasts, their friends, families and fellow MTTS motorers descended on the chapel when they rolled into Las Vegas on the penultimate leg of the cross-country rally. Eighteen of the couples went to the chapel to renew their wedding vows and two were there to be married, cheered on by many members of the MINI community.

The chapel, which has conducted the marriages of people such as Britney Spears, Michael Jordan and Frank Sinatra, offers a drive-through facility and naturally, the couples took the opportunity to drive their MINIs through the chapel’s unique ‘tunnel of love’ during the ceremonies. And each of the happy couples were serenaded by who else but ‘Elvis’ of course.

The first ceremony was the marriage of David Lata and Allan Danglacruz, of Elmhurst in Queens, New York City, who are currently driving all way from Atlanta, GA, to Palm Springs, CA, on the epic road trip.

“We originally wanted to be married during MINI TAKES THE STATES 2014,” said David, who is a Motor Adviser at the MINI of Manhattan dealership, “At that time, it was not possible because it was not legal.”

“But when we heard that MTTS 2016 would be passing through Las Vegas, we really wanted to share it with our friends and family and what better place to do it than here, where we can also share the experience with our MINI family,” he added.

One of the eighteen couples who renewed their wedding vows at the chapel were Pat and Roger Miller, who are members of the AlphaMINIONS Club of Southern California. “We married just eight weeks after we met and we’ve been together for 28 years now. So you could say that this renewal is a much better informed wedding!” said Pat.